Agile Business Analysis

Is analysis only required in a predictive approach? If we cannot analyze our results, we cannot know if we are on the right track. In this webinar, we describe what an agile approach is, when agile is appropriate, and why Business Analysis is a key component of an agile way of working. The roles and responsibilities of an Agile Business Analyst are described, and we give examples of how specific tools and techniques are utilized in an agile way by Business Analysts to be effective.

What Others Have Said About Agile Business Analysis

“Interesting point between customer value and gold plating”, Stephen Palla, IT Professional, Alpha Saker, Middlesex, NJ, USA, 07th February, 2018

“Great session! in my opinion and experience Persona Analysis is really useful and help the team to understand and be close to the stakeholders.”, Ricardo Cruz, Service Delivery Manager, Oracle, MEXICO, DISTRITO FEDERAL, DISTRITO FEDERAL, Mexico, 27th December, 2017

“A good and clear understanding for Agile business analysis and how to deal with it”, James Lin, Taipei, Taiwan, 10th December, 2017

“Very Insightful. I am motivated to do more research into Agile now”, Diane Lopes, Mechanical Engineer, Demerara Harbour Bridge Corporation, Georgetown, Guyana, 09th December, 2017

“Some neat touches on persona (stakeholder) analysis, user stories, storyboarding and decomp within agile. Another key take-away – agile is a mindset. Environmental factors are an inescapable influence on projects and aligning stakeholder mindsets is key for getting adaptive models to work.”, Michael Angelucci, Business Project Manager, Mother Parker’s Tea & Coffee Inc., Etobicoke, ONTARIO, Canada, 11th October, 2016

“This session provided an intersting insight into the agile approach, personna concept, and review of the value for the stakeholders. “, Lev Axenov, Fort Leonard Wood, MO, USA, 03rd September, 2016

“Nice session, I thought allowed to study the new knowledge and had the progress!”, qihua tang, Information security technology manager, VanyTech Shanghai Co.,hanghai, China, 21st August, 2016

“Insightful discussion, with a number of valuable takeaways and reminders that apply to both adaptive and predictive methodologies. Thank you!!”, Helen Keith, Forked River, NJ, USA, 25th June, 2016