Agile Portfolio Management

When the enterprise is compelled to be adaptive, who is supposed to orchestrate an agile way of working? Enter the Agile Portfolio Manager.

We start by describing what Portfolio Management is all about and how the role of an Agile Portfolio Manager is different: What organizational conditions are required to conduct Agile Portfolio Management? We continue to look at the skill set required, the activities performed and approach taken.

What you will learn:

What Agile Portfolio Management is
What influence the Agile PfM has within the organization
What competencies are required for the position
The interaction between an Agile PfM, a PMO, Project Managers, and operations
What drivers leading the enterprise towards Agile Portfolio Management.

What Others Have Said About Agile Portfolio Management

“Agile Portfolio Management coming from a leader in this field!”, Theodore Johnson, PM Consultant, TEJ Project Management Consulting, LLC, Galloway Township, NJ, USA, 23rd February, 2018

“The modified Triple Constraint to reflect “Value” instead of “Scope” hit the mark”, Patrick Montone, Senior Global IT Project Manager, SAP America, Ardmore, PA, USA, 07th December, 2017

“Very interesting “Spend a Dollar” approach to prioritization. Useful for all portfolio managers, if they use agile approach to their projects. Portfolio manager is responsible for portfolio strategy. Thanks! “, Viktors Supe, Senior Project Manager, Exigen Services Latvia, Riga, Latvia, 27th November, 2017

“Risk Vs Probability Chart is a good learning…. “, MANIKANTHAN VENKATESWARAN, Hyderabad, India, 18th November, 2017

“Good comments about scope as it relates to Agile”, Joseph Mathias Hinrichs, Oakdale, MN, USA, 16th November, 2017

“Excellent topic and right way to explain it. “, JOSE MANUEL MORALES FONTALVO, ROJECT MANAGER, CARVAJAL TECNOLOGÍA Y SERVICIOS , CALI, VALLE DEL CAUCA, Colombia, 07th November, 2017

“The Value-replaces-Scope-in-Triple-Constraint slide and explanation may be the best and most important illustration and concept I’ve seen to compare Traditional / Waterfall Project Management with Agile Methodology”, Greg Porter, Portland, OR USA, 19th July, 2018