Agile Process Design


How are processes developed today and where does the customer fall within your processes? Is the customer simply a participant in your internal processes, or is her desired outcome your focus? Do you use automation to facilitate design and adherence? What about collaboration with the employees who know the processes the best; those performing the work?

In this course, we describe Agile Process Design and why this approach is transformative for you, regardless of your position.


What is Agile?

How processes are usually developed

What is Agile Process Design and why this is a different approach?

Why we need to look at process design differently.

What role technology plays as both a disruptor and an enabler.

What role does a Business Analysis play, and how does this change from the traditional role.

Explicit approaches will be highlighted in this webinar, including examples of how processes are designed in an agile way.

Learning Objectives:

  • Better appreciation of an agile methodology
  • Another view of process design
  • Alternative view of the Business Analysis role
  • Understanding the shift from documentation to facilitation
  • Importance of empowerment and accountability of your key stakeholders
  • Methods to create processes that are more goal-oriented.


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