Agile Project Management


The Classic This course on Agile Project Management starts with the Agile mindset, describing the ineffectiveness of planning things we cannot plan, the inefficiency of setting specific deliverables without proper validation, what the learning within an agile project looks like, and what the link is between risk and probability.

We then look at the individual components and describe how they are managed in an agile fashion. Based on our project experience, we find out that scheduling can be much more effective using an adaptive approach. Stakeholder buy-in is easier when we set expectations using an agile business case. We show why scope should be replaced with value to emphasize the benefits of an agile project. Because of the iterative nature of agile, it is much easier to terminate unnecessary projects, and lastly we show how procurement and the deployment of vested outsourcing makes agile a very valuable tool for managing an adaptive project.

We close this course by describing, in detail, how Agile Project Management can work within a traditional organizational structure as well as how customer expectation scan be better managed by deploying continuous delivery.

What Others Have Said About Agile Project Management

“I have to say that your training and all your explanations were, by miles, the best training classe and materials that i’ve seen since the beginning of my professional career.”, Ricardo Pimentel, Senior Business Analyst / Product Owner chez Eurofins, Luxemburg, 02nd February 2017

“This is an excellent course with a good curriculum; many topics were covered and paradigms were shifted. Also, Michael is a very lively and entertaining host. Can fully recommend!”, Melvin de Vries, SAP OTC Consultant, Zwolle, Overijssel Province, Netherlands, 12th November, 2016

“Thanks so much! It was a great training with instant benefits that can be applied to the work space right away. Now to spend the next little while really processing the info and putting it into practice”, Richard Headon, Business Analyst, Brother Canada, Toronto, Canada, 17th December, 2015

“Just as the classes, absolutely love the style and content, not too overloaded, and not too simplistic, just right.”, Gintare Spogiene, Procurement Manager at AB Klaipedos baldai, Vilnius, Lithuania, 11th June, 2015

“Thank you for a great course – I have learned much more than I had expected I would and feel it has inspired me and given me a great base to explore and learn further.”, Noelene Noone, Senior Business Analyst at FinGlobal, Cape Town Area, South Africa, 03rd April, 2015