Agile Service Delivery

What value do your projects have if the value of your deliverables is not meeting the expectations of your stakeholders? Could it be that the problem lies in the predictive approach we have in meeting the customer needs after deployment?

In this course, you will learn what challenges are being addressed, the conditions required for its proper deployment and how it works.In addition, the course will also provide some examples of tools and techniques used and what kind of results you can expect in using this approach.

Participants will learn:

  • What agile service delivery is
  • When you can deploy this technique….and when you can’t
  • How to assess the organization to see if the approach will bring value
  • New tools and techniques so that you can perform your duties better
  • A new way of ensuring benefits realization after deployment


  • Learn the importance of Agile Service Delivery
  • Learn an alternative view of the Business Analysis role
  • Understand the shift from documentation to facilitation
  • Understand the importance of empowerment and accountability of your key stakeholders
  • Learn methods to create processes that are more goal-oriented.

What Others Have Said About Agile Service Delivery

“Most helpful use of infinity symbol diagram for DevOps, Co-creation forms, Kanban made simple “, Greg Porter, Partner Sales Portfolio Manager, Intel Corporation, Portland, OR, USA, 01st November, 2017

“Good explanation of the swarming and network approach to problem solving and customer support.”, Nicholas Clemens, Lead Instructor, Addx Corporation, COLUMBIA, MD, USA, 22nd October, 2017

“Outstanding… – Business/Executives still do not have clear understanding of Agile “, Syed Khan, Senior Principal, Questsolve Inc., Canada, 20th September, 2017

“My take out is a continuous validation and customer feedback”, Marcel Lukac, Project manager, Swep Slovakia s.r.o., Kosice, Slovakia, 08th September, 2017

“You drive the point home that the role of the transformation master takes us from the current to a future state that consistently delivers true value”, Gary Laverty, Business Transformation Leader, PMP, SAP. ERP, LEAN, OCM, Consulting, Anthem, AZ, USA, 30th August, 2017

“Very good example with Amazon and its continues customer updates.”, Wojciech Paluch, Advisory Project Manager, IBM GSDC, Wolow, Poland, 25th August, 2017

“Thank you for this excellent description what agile service delivery is, what challenges it addresses, the conditions required for its proper deployment and how it works. “, Ahmed AlMursi, Sr. Construction Planning & Scheduling Manager, Amlaak Group, Shibin AlKoum, AlMenoufia, Egypt, 16th August, 2017

“Thank you, it gives me another point of view for delivering services. “, GUILLERMO ORTIZ VENEGAS, IT MANAGER, Universidad de Ciencias Médicas, SABANILLA, MONTES DE OCA, SAN JOSE, Costa Rica, 01st August, 2017

“The dev-ops figure is good. Being a business analyst myself, I understand the importance of customer and their satisfaction. This was amayzing”, Anindita Sengupta, Sr. Business Analyst, Reed Elsevier Technology Services, Dayton, OH, USA, 31st July, 2017

“I loved how you talked about flexibility and standardization in business processes. It is highly important to see things from the customer’s perspective always. Rigidity can actually result in poor service delivery.”, Sunday Aina, Elkridge, MD, USA, 30th July, 2017

“I found this information useful and gave me a better understanding if agile and how we now need to transform it into DEVOPS. It often seems like there is a huge rift between the two (Dev and Ops) when solving customer problems and we (PM community) need to find better way’s to bridge this in our projects.”, David Meltzer, Project Consultant, Hickory Transportation, JACKSONVILLE, FL, USA, 28th July, 2017