Shining Products and Blind StartUp Founders

Many IT products start with brilliant ideas, and the idea is to help people live better lives. For the most part, this is a good kickoff for starting and maintaining a new business. At the beginning of my career, I was fortunate enough to interact with clients face to face. 12 years later, I set off on a journey to show others how. The traditional way I conduced such activities was by to first performing some sort of interview or survey prior ... Read more

Lockerbie in the Desert and the Missing Root Cause

Christmas is coming soon, and my wish is that we end the hysteria in how we deduce the causes for certain unforeseen events. The tragedy linked to the downing of a Russian aircraft last week in the Sinai is a perfect example. Apart from the lack of empathy to be found from certain media, one could find a clear form of anchoring being used. Anchoring is when one tries to link 2 or more events, although the relationship is casual. We immediately associate a ... Read more

When I Grow Up

It all started 5 years ago, when I decided to take control of my career path. I started studying various concepts based on work I had already been performing for a number of years but was not certified. Congratulations. You passed the examination! Ammunition in hand, I went out to see what my chances were in jumping into a new sector. This was not an easy exercise. I needed to build up new networks and sell my abilities to a group that didn't ... Read more

Watch the FINTECH Tail Wag the Financial Dog

  It took us long enough, but the digital revolution is finally blowing disruptive winds into the traditional bank branch structure, and any attempts to ignore them will make the situation much worse. Anno 2015 - Enter the FINTECH revolution in all its glory For those who are not familiar with the term, FINTECH stands for Financial Technology, and the financial cash-cows of today will wax nostalgic quicker than you can say Mark Zuckerberg. I come originally from the travel business, which was one of the ... Read more

What’s in a Word?

  When you meet people that speak multiple languages, very often we think that it's quite easy for them to perform translations from one language to another. After all, they have a mastery of the various languages, so it must be quite easy, right? Well, I feel I do a terrible job at it, even if it's not necessarily recognizable to all. In the land of the monoglots, the polyglot is king. In spite of all of this, there are words that simply can't ... Read more

Who Says You Get One Shot?

How many times have you been told there is only one don't screw it up. If you're like me, most likely you end up in a nervous state, which is counter-intuitive for reaching success. Does this attitude build self-confidence or can be considered motivational? I'll let you answer this question yourself. So you get to that one-chance moment, and there are three possible outcomes: Success - Most likely, you have a sense of relief. Best case, you have a sense of satisfaction, illusory ... Read more

Keep Informed on our Next Business Analysis Courses

  Due to popular demand, we have created a mailing list to inform students of our next Business Analysis courses. You can sign up here (more…) Read more

(Deutsch) David vs. Goliath und der Internet der Dinge

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Kanban Has Gone to the Dogs Read more

(Deutsch) Die wahre Qualität ist im Kopf

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