David, Goliath and the IoT

Here's a copy of the presentation made for the IoT Meetup in Vienna on the 09.07.2014 David, Goliath and the IoT Read more

Onboarding Agilistas – A Trainer’s View

One says that agile is easy to understand but difficult to deploy, and your reporter has seen plenty of examples recently to prove this point. I have been very fortunate to teach a number of agile courses recently, and the location (different countries) and different student groups has been an interesting source of contrast. One can group the main topics into three main camps: * Agile and the lack of change management * Agile is wrong for us, and I need evidence why this ... Read more

aaaaaaaaaaaa RUSH and a PUSH……..and the Webinar is Ours

Yesterday evening, I was the presenter of a a webinar for the PMI Global Diversity Community of Practice and went into the exercise with no preconceived idea what to expect. That being said, none of us could ever imagine what was about to take place.... The subject matter was Leveraging Differences to Make Global Opportunities, and the approach I was planning to take was rather standard. We had 800 registrants, and I was told approximately half show up. Let's see then.... When given the ... Read more

Бенчмаркинг – это всего на всего сравнительное тестирование. Сравнительное тестирование производится для того, чтобы выявить достоинства и недостатки тестироваемой организации, по отношению к конкурентам. Для начала сравнительного тестирование или выражаясь по-иностранному Бенчмаркинг необходимо: ü  определить изучаемую область ü  определить компании или организации, являющиеся литерами в данной области ü  провести отбор полученных организаций, что понять их методы ü  организовать посещение лучших по показателям компаний Рассмотрим этот метод более наглядно, к примеру, возьмем безалкогольные напитки. И так: Безалкогольные напитки Предположим, что мы работаем в компании Кока-Кола. И нам необходимо собрать информацию, а том ... Read more

Schumpeter Cereal – Breakfast of Champions

Once upon a time, there was was an unassuming Finance Minister of a small country whose residents felt that they were trapped in a failed state. His notoriety did not come from his ministerial prowess, rather his fame can be attributed to a very basic philosophy is based on the most elementary of ecosystems. Life requires, by nature, adaptability. Those who either don't see the necessity or are incapable of performing the necessary adjustments will inevitably feel the repercussions. Plants grow, mature, fade ... Read more

Gamification as a tool to promote cultural understanding in projects

I was keen to exploit this technology to further cultural awareness. This goal can be defined within the following objectives: Having a better understanding of my own culture. The travels always start from within. How my messages are understood from individuals from other cultures. How do I interpret messages from those who come from different cultures You can find more on LinkedIn or by downloading the presentation in PDF format:  Read more

Stakeholders aren’t particularly interested in deliverables!

I am often surprised that people don't know this simple fact about stakeholders: The first thing that a project manager needs to understand is that none of the stakeholders are particularly interested in just the deliverables of the project; rather, they are interested in what the deliverables will do for them. More can be found in the following article by Andy Jordan: Why On Time, Scope and Budget Isn’t Enough Read more

My Little Pony, Take Me to the Bridge

In one of those moments of self-imposed digital withdrawal, I enter the realm of the "create boredom to alleviate boredom" loop. When in this state, I very often attempt to draw a commonality between all those disparate interests I have. "Certainly, there has to be some sort of common thread", I say to myself. OK, maybe not for everything....but and then it struck!My interest in startups and that of Business Analysis have one clear element in common, and this is tied to solving ... Read more

Training in Distress….BABOK to the Rescue

On a lark last weekend, I applied for a position to conduct a 1,5 day Business Analysis training, never expecting anything to come out of it. As a freelancer, you become hardened to the fact that most job queries never pan out. Well, last Monday was the exception proving that rule. The education provider offering the bespoke position sent out the search drones after me, and I ended up apologizing profusely for something completely outside of my control. "Can you start tomorrow", ... Read more

Look Forward to That Mistake Every Day

I have started on an odyssey of entrepreneurship where, in comparison to the path defined by my previous employer, I construct my own road-map. Ideas are relatively easy to dream up, but that’s all they are…just ideas. Success is determined by successfully placing those ideas into action. My ideas come through observation of that going on around me (either physically or virtually), assumptions based on previous experience, and some fuzzy prognosis based on how things could turn out. All pretty vague so ... Read more
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