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Бенчмаркинг – это всего на всего сравнительное тестирование. Сравнительное тестирование производится для того, чтобы выявить достоинства и недостатки тестироваемой организации, по отношению к конкурентам. Для начала сравнительного тестирование или выражаясь по-иностранному Бенчмаркинг необходимо: ü  определить изучаемую область ü  определить компании или организации, являющиеся литерами в данной области ü  провести отбор полученных организаций, что понять их методы ü  организовать посещение лучших по показателям компаний Рассмотрим этот метод более наглядно, к примеру, возьмем безалкогольные напитки. И так: Безалкогольные напитки Предположим, что мы работаем в компании Кока-Кола. И нам необходимо собрать информацию, а том ... Read more

Training in Distress….BABOK to the Rescue

On a lark last weekend, I applied for a position to conduct a 1,5 day Business Analysis training, never expecting anything to come out of it. As a freelancer, you become hardened to the fact that most job queries never pan out. Well, last Monday was the exception proving that rule. The education provider offering the bespoke position sent out the search drones after me, and I ended up apologizing profusely for something completely outside of my control. "Can you start tomorrow", ... Read more

Packaging Project Management and Business Analysis

The Project Management and Business Analysis professions are not only very special for me, but I am very often in awe of the professional way certain 'master craftswomen' execute the trade. For this reason, I am always amazed that PM's and - especially - BA's don't "toot their own horns" more often. Bravado is not being called for here, but sometimes chancing to show an open profession of your values is enough. I have to tell you a story from my Father. ... Read more

Requirements Management in a Particularist World, oh my!

Let's be honest. Project Management and Business Analysis exist in very universalist worlds. Everything is very structured, and all exceptional processes have been meticulously documented. This is the world that many of us yearn for, but alas, we wake up from our utopian dreams to realize that it's not all completely about us, but it's all about US. In this particularist "dilemma" alluded to here, nothing works as planned. Nothing within this construct functions in any semblance of a sequential manner, and ... Read more

Replace that persistent ‘angst analysis’ with something tangible

Let's face it. Risk, and the associated fear tied to it, is an expected occurrence in our daily business life. Sometimes it appears as the unknown. Other times, it's based an some sort of premonition. We learn in Project Management and Business Analysis studies that risk can be a good thing, but the ugly side of this element very often gives us a queasy feeling and keeps us up at night....sheep one, risk two.The description above depicts a state that is ... Read more

The Dog Ate my Business Case

It's hard to believe Anno 2012 that we still need to discuss the necessity of a solid business case, validated by all key stakeholders prior to a project begin...but we do. OK. I got that out of my system. Thanks for listening... Read more

A Case for Certification

As we wander through this professional world of ours, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to Properly cover your own little region of the world, let alone react properly to the demands coming outside your area Reaching a common understanding of what is required, let alone covering how needs are to be approached Ensuring your clients that your offering consistently maintain a high-level of excellence We at Procurro Solutions would never make the claim of holding an expertise outside our domain, so that's where we'll ... Read more

PM and BA War of the Worlds

Although the value of both professions are never put in question, there is a clear tension between Project Managers and Business Analysts. Why? Big Brother vs. Little Brother: The Project Manager very often sees the Business Analyst as another member of the project team, and the little brother Business Analyst feels naturally slighted. The BA is continuously striving to ensure that everyone understands the difference between the roles, while the PM will gladly take on the BA role 'in a pinch' The Profiles ... Read more