Product Management

My Little Pony, Take Me to the Bridge

In one of those moments of self-imposed digital withdrawal, I enter the realm of the "create boredom to alleviate boredom" loop. When in this state, I very often attempt to draw a commonality between all those disparate interests I have. "Certainly, there has to be some sort of common thread", I say to myself. OK, maybe not for everything....but and then it struck!My interest in startups and that of Business Analysis have one clear element in common, and this is tied to solving ... Read more

The Three Little Pigs and other Tales of Startup Woes

Here's a new twist on an old familiar story... One startup pig has illusions of grandeur and defines his MVP (minimum viable product), counting on the other two pigs to work for him for free in general solidarity (and clearly the least amount of effort) The next startup pig was only keen on a VC buy-in, and figured the other two startup pigs will turn the idea into reality. The third startup pig took a completely different approach. He knew what the word 'partnership' ... Read more