We provide consulting services for companies looking to increase the value, speed, and effectiveness of requirements practices within their organizations. Whether your organization is traditional, agile or hybrid, we will help you deliver solutions that delight end users!

Our consulting approach is always customized to meet your needs and may include assessments, coaching or training as described below.

Practice Assessment
Want to discover opportunities to boost the effectiveness of your requirements practice? Our practice assessment identifies and recommends fixes for anti-patterns that compromise value, and offers guidance to improve requirements quality and speed.

Skill Assessment
Do your BAs and POs have the skills they need to engage stakeholders and deliver high-value solutions? We’ll evaluate the presence and level of requirements skills and competencies within the organization, and determine opportunities for growth, realignment, best practice development, etc.

Role Alignment
Evaluate and align roles within organizations, including CoE, CoP, community development, role alignment to SDLC and PMO, best practices development, and HR integration (job description & interview selection criteria).

Agile Coaching
No matter where you are in your agile journey, great coaches keep you on track! We provide coaching for both agile product owner and agile BA roles. We also offer enterprise and portfolio level agile coaching, agile requirements coaching, and agile collaboration and value management coaching.

Need training for business analysts, product owners or BA/PO leaders? We will help you build better requirements, FASTER! We don’t focus on ever-changing methodologies or frameworks, we teach team members how to think. We build mindsets focused on providing value to users and organizations. This mindset, coupled with our modern requirements techniques, creates a culture of collaboration and innovation.

Project Kick Start
Build a solid foundation for your project! Three to five days of onsite support in the early stages of a project to help your team build their requirements approach. Maintain your foundation with remote coaching or onsite training as needed.

Vendor Relationship Assessment
Struggling with your vendor even though you are both agile? Let us evaluate your challenges and provide solutions! This full-day agile process assessment will boost vendor/client relationships, promote effective collaboration and pave the way for a successful project.

Collaboration Assessment
Find out how well your team collaborates with stakeholders! Are their requirements sessions boring and ineffective? Do they know how to get stakeholders talking and thinking in a way that boosts value?