From Analogue to Digital

Imagine you have arranged a racing competition against a group of others. You think that you’re fit and quick, and none of the others have a chance.

The race begins, and you realize that the others decided to work as a team and break down the race into four sections, and each of their team members would take a slot to race. You think to yourself “Wait, that breaks the rules” and then you realize this was a rule you created yourself, based on some mental model you had about how the race is usually conducted…..and you don’t have a chance.

Today, businesses are working with models where the consumer does much more than just consume. They might even be producing or performing marketing or sales. Maybe they might even be the competition someday.

If you think this can’t happen to you, think again.

I bet you even have the expertise to flourish, but you just need a new model.

We think we can help you. Give us a try.