Schumpeter Cereal – Breakfast of Champions

Once upon a time, there was was an unassuming Finance Minister of a small country whose residents felt that they were trapped in a failed state. His notoriety did not come from his ministerial prowess, rather his fame can be attributed to a very basic philosophy is based on the most elementary of ecosystems.

Life requires, by nature, adaptability. Those who either don’t see the necessity or are incapable of performing the necessary adjustments will inevitably feel the repercussions.

Plants grow, mature, fade and eventually die. This author has made it her quest never to believe that such a process, either for human beings…or any other living things, can ever be avoided. That being said, longevity and fullness is directly tied to possessing an adaptable nature. This includes ensuring those that possess the one-two punch of a personal agenda combined with a fairy-tale storyline (fill in the profession – H E R E) should never be allowed to curry favor from any unsuspecting individuals, lest we all live with the repercussions tied to decisions made by those with feeble minds. My generation does not have the luxury of living the dream of escaping natural progression, in comparison to some generations passed. I would like to think of ours as a pragmatic group, one who does not just enjoy the moment, but also has both feet on the ground.

By the way, I am a resident of that self-proclaimed failed state and am proud to say that even we were able to get past a a certain dark phase to be ranked as the 11th richest country based on purchasing power parity (PPP) based on the last figures collected in 2012.

Felix Austria

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